Corporate Overview

*Public listed company with over Rp 3.8 trillion market capitalization as of July   2013 and included in Indonesia MSCI Index.

*Land bank over 80Ha in Solo and over 20Ha in the Jabodetabek area.

*Experienced management team to swiftly identify and execute opportunities.

*Established network with real estate consultants and regulators.

Brief Summary

PT. Gading Development, Tbk. is an Indonesia based company which engaged in construction. The Company’s activity includes construction in building, bridge, road, docks, housing, schools, recreational parks, market or modern markets, hospitals and other buildings; consultation service in business and management, property, architecture, landscape, design and interior, civil, property agent, and others; trading, such as export and import, domestic wholesaler; building material and construction tools manufacturer.

Gading Development Tbk. develops quality affordable homes and apartments which caters to Indonesia’s expanding middle-class income families in growing second-tier cities and urban areas. Our vision is to be the ultimate provider of affordable homes in accessible locations in major cities and suburban areas across Indonesia.

Company Strategy

The Asia-Pacific is experiencing rapid growth, Indonesia enjoys a stellar investment-grade rating. It has become a favored investment destination with many industries relocating to the periphery of cities like Jakarta.

PT Gading Development is developing its asset-base to focus in developing residential and commercial properties to support this industrial growth. In-city land will see higher density residential properties like mid-range town houses and apartments while peripheral locations (East West of JABODETABEK) will see mid to low cost housing developments The company is thus focused on developing its land, human and capital resources to a professional way to ensure optimal corporate performance.